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Funk Fighter Bags - Travel Bag (DL-886002)

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Funk Fighter Bags - Travel Bag (DL-886002)
Funk Fighter Bags - Travel Bag (DL-886002)Funk Fighter Bags - Travel Bag (DL-886002)Funk Fighter Bags - Travel Bag (DL-886002)
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Product Weight: 
10 lb
Product Dimensions: 
11 × 3.75 × 6.75 in
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Description and Overview 

The Funk Fighter Travel Bag has high-quality carbon lining to trap and eliminate odors. It measures 11” x 3.75” x 6.75” and features the main zippered compartment with an extra layer of carbon lining beneath the zipper for superior odor-trapping capabilities, and a convenient handle on the side.


Funk Fighter Bags

Funk Fighter - Odorless Bags

Funk Fighter bags use the highest quality carbon to trap and lock in odors, and come equipped with waterproof inner zippers to protect your contents! There are a number of applications for smell proof bags, but ultimately the goal is to keep smells where they belong which means trapping and managing them within. Funk Fighter Bags feature dual layered zippered compartments for maximum odor-trapping capabilities, as well as zippered compartments on each end of the bag for additional storage utility, adjustable strap for comfort, and a velcro handle for convenience. Each bag is made of from the highest quality lined fabric for many years of reliable use and usability.

These bags come in several size and configurations for maximum convenience and comfort, including:

  • Backpack: 1.17 cuft
  • Travel Bag: 0.16 cuft
  • Pocket Bag: 0.05 cuft
  • Large Gym Bag: 2.23 cuft
  • X-Large Gym Bag: 4.3 cuft!!!

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