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Black Gold - All Organic soil (SUGRBG16QT)

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Black Gold - All Organic soil (SUGRBG16QT)
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16 lb
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This rich, loamy mix is one of the best for all gardening applications. Our 100% organic base consists of screened earthworm castings and Canadian sphagnum peat moss. Includes compost and forest humus. Perlite and pumice are added to ensure optimum aeration for sturdy growth.


Black Gold

Black Gold

Since 1983, Black Gold® brand garden amendments, potting soils and fertilizers have been available at fine garden centers and have gained a loyal customer following nationwide. All Black Gold® products are professionally formulated to ensure gardening success, and many have been certified by the Mulch & Soil Council, which assures they are made from the highest quality ingredients. It also boasts a broad line of natural and organic gardening products that are listed by the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) and approved for organic gardening.

The parent company of Black Gold® is Sun Gro Horticulture, a world-class company specializing in both professional and retail growing mixes and fertilizers. In fact, Sun Gro has been a leading producer of quality products for the nation’s top 100 commercial growers, so you can feel confident its retail brands meet the same exceptional standards.

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