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Dilution Solutions - NDS 3/4in Inline Monitor Kit - EC (PPM) / pH / Temp (HYKMON)

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Dosatron - NDS ¾” Inline EC / pH / Temp. Monitor Kit w/Mixing Chamber (HYKMON)
Dosatron - NDS ¾” Inline EC / pH / Temp. Monitor Kit w/Mixing Chamber (HYKMON)Nutrient Delivery System Kits
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6.5 lb
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9 × 23 × 9 in
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Description and Overview 

The Nutrient Delivery System (NDS) thrives anywhere, from greenhouse environments to outdoors, allowing it to be installed in any application.

  • NDS automates the nutrient delivery process so it accurately dispenses the desired solution.
  • NDS makes the time draining practice of "measure and pour" a thing of the past.
  • NDS saves you time and money by eliminating hand mixing.
  • NDS offers 4 different modular kits (Starter Kit HYKSTART, Mixing Chamber Kit HYKMC34, Monitor Kit HYKMON, Water Hammer Arrestor Kit WHA34-SS-KIT)
  • NDS utilizes up to 8 different nutrients, additives, or supplements, plus a pH adjuster for a perfect well-balanced solution.


The Dosatron Nutrient Delivery System in-line nutrient monitor measures/displays your well-blended outgoing solution providing peace of mind. By installing the BlueLab Guardian Monitor with mixing chamber kit, the grower can be assured of a well-blended solution with an easy-to-read display. Knowing the EC/ppm, pH and temperature that the Nutrient Delivery System is providing to the crop will give the grower the confidence that the plants will receive the proper nutrition that they require.

Dosatron Nutrient Delivery System Monitor Kit Includes:

  • BlueLab Guardian Monitor with probes
  • Mixing Chamber
  • Pressure Gauge
  • All necessary plumbing connections (unions, nipples, tees, hose adapters, etc.)



Dosatron - High Precision Nutrient Dosers

Creating the right nutrient mix for your hydroponic growing operations is a delicate science. With Dosatron’s full line of Nutrient Dosers, you can automate your process to create fine-tuned, multi-chemical mixes with repeatable results, every time!

They are water-powered so no electricity is needed and compared to other dosing products on the market, they are easy to maintain and keep in service — saving you time and money.


  • Used to accurately fill reservoirs or in a drain to waste system — eliminating the need to measure and pour
  • Easy to adjust the amount of nutrient being dispensed — simply turn the dial to set the necessary dosage rate
  • Designed to perform in both indoor and outdoor environments
  • Precise nutrient management will save you money by eliminating waste and increasing yields
  • Simple and inexpensive to maintain — easy to use!

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