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American Hydroponics

American Hydroponics - AmHydro Logo

American Hydroponics is a small, U.S. operation that has made a huge and growing global impact. We are located in a coastal college town in northern California, but our hydroponic systems are currently saving over 250,000 gallons of water a day worldwide.

AmHydro has been designing and building innovative, hydroponic systems for over 30 years. We manufacture and help to install food-grade growing systems for small and large operations. Our systems are operating in over 60 countries and in many of the States. They range in size from 5-plus feet (for hobbyists and educators) to 5-plus acres for commercial suppliers of Whole Foods and Costco.

AmHydro also develops its own additive and nutrient formulations, and works with customers to create custom formulations for their needs. Our experts have developed solutions for a range of growing pains based on over 30 years of experience.

We are driven by the dream of seeing fresh, clean, local food grown and consumed in communities everywhere. That dream is becoming more and more possible with the efficient and productive technologies we have developed, and with inspired growers like you.