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Active Aqua - 3 Ft. Flexible Air Stone (AS3FLEX)

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Active Aqua - 3 Ft. Flexible Air Stone (AS3FLEX)
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Active Aqua air stones are an ideal way to add oxygen to your hydroponic growing system. The micropore design energizes the growing solution as it aerates and circulates nutrients. Air stones will extend the life of your nutrient solution, help keep roots healthy, and promote exceptional growth.

Flexible stones bend into any shape you need to deliver air where you need it most. They also create less back pressure than traditional air stones, which reduces damage to your pump.

Choose from three versatile flexible stone sizes. This one is 36" inches/three feet in length.


Active Aqua

Active Aqua Hydroponics

Active Aqua puts the Hydro in Hydroponics. With a full line of reservoirs, trays, pumps, chillers, and accessories, the Active Aqua line is your best option to help you provide the perfect environment for your plants.

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